An Official Webtoon For Assassin’s Creed Is On The Way

The story follows Edward Kenway as he embarks on a dangerous journey to South-East Asia to find the missing pieces of Eden. 

It has been almost 10 years since Assassins Creed Black Flag made its way into the stores, and it looks like Ubisoft will finally revive the story! Highly praised by critics and loved by fans, Black Flag is considered one of the series’ finest installments. It incorporates fantastic gameplay with a thrilling storyline.

The name of the Webtoon will be Assassins Creed: Forgotten Temple, which results from an official collaboration between Ubisoft and Webtoon. Webtoon is a digital comic platform based in South Korea for those unaware. The platform is responsible for the success of the hit comic Tower of God.

According to our sources, the game will follow Edward’s character as he continues his journey in alliance with the Assassins Brotherhood. We believe the storyline will continue from where it was left in Black Flag.

The first 6 chapters of the comic series will debut on the 24th of April and are said to contain 150 different chapters. There will be weekly releases post-debut. Official statements suggest that REDICE Studios will be leading comic creation.

By looking at the quality of the previous Webtoons released by the platform, we can be assured that they will do a fantastic job of bringing to life a new visionary expansion of the Assassin’s Creed world that was previously unexplored.