Malware Infected Minecraft Mod’s: Gamers Beware!

Infected Minecraft mods

An alarming number of popular Minecraft modifications have been infected with malware.  We advise players to avoid downloading any of the new Minecraft modifications until everything gets resolved.

It’s sad to inform you that some of the most popular Minecraft mods have been diagnosed to contain malware. We are unaware of the exact list of modifications as the results are still pouring in. The platforms infected are, namely, Bukkit and CurseForge. Both these platforms host Minecraft mods for Windows and Linux collectively.

Until recent, the Minecraft community was a wholesome place that was mod-friendly for the longest time. The amount of mods that are available to players to experience are astounding. These mods completely change the game allowing players to enter a fresh new world that is completely different from the rest. However, having easy access to the player base has allowed those with ill intentions to infect mods with malware in order to exploit gamers.

CurgeForge reported that there were several new profiles that were uploading malware infected mods onto their platforms. They also stated that several trustworthy profiles have been hacked by hackers allowing them to post infected mods. Since the API on CurgeForge automatically updates Minecraft when new mods are posted, chances are that even those that didn’t manually download mods are infected.

Some of the popular mods that have been infected are Better Minecraft, Sky villages, Dungeons Arise, Heaven Elytra and more. It should be noted that Better Minecraft had over 4.6 million downloads when the hack went through, showing the danger posed by the exploit.

infected minecraft mods

As of now, the infected platforms are carrying out reparations to remove the infected mods and reinstate them. They are also working the security measures to prevent further exploitations such as this. Users of the platforms are advised to not delete their client as this will prevent the developers from uploading their malware free mods to replace the infected later this week.