Lofi Girl’s Newest Friend: The Synthwave Boy

Music lovers were left in shock as the ever-popular Lofi Girl disappeared from her desk recently. However, everything seems to be back to normal as she has returned with a fresh new friend!

The Lofi Girl’s music channel is a popular choice online as listeners tune into the calming lofi beats coupled with a healthy community. However, the cat-loving Lofi girl mysteriously disappeared a few weeks back, worrying her avid fans. Was she leaving Youtube for good? Or was this a ploy? 

We were given teasers on her Twitter and Youtube, where a blue window was showcased with a URL stamped on it. Over the next few days, a countdown started where the window gradually zoomed in during the stream. When the countdown hit zero, we were greeted by a boy entering the screen paired with his dog.

It seems that Lofi girl now has a study buddy! The Synthwave boy is a synth-themed dog lover with a separate stream. You can now visit him and join his typing sessions while jamming to a new genre of music!

It seems that the Lofi Girl’s Universe is expanding! We might even see more characters in the near future. The streaming channel now has three permanent music streams playing simultaneously, the classic Lofi girl, the relaxing sleep tunes, and the fresh new synth-wave stream.