How to find Devastators in Helldivers 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Defeating Devastators in Helldivers 2 can be tricky due to their heavy armor and diverse weapons. …

A Close-up Analysis of Helldivers 2 Devastators

In the action-packed universe of Helldivers 2, players encounter various adversaries, among which Devastators constitute a significant mid-tier threat. These heavily armored robots are generally found on bot-controlled planets such as Mavelon Prime and will most likely challenge you on a Challenging Difficulty and above.

Devastators are known for their impressive bulk and versatile combat options that range from shields to guns and rockets. Their appearance varies depending on the weapon they are equipped with. But no matter the form, you need solid strategies to defeat them – strategies that we will discuss in detail here.

Identifying and Locating Devastators in Helldivers 2

Devastator robots are easily identifiable in Helldivers 2 by their large, heavy, armored bodies and hollow heads. These bipedal robots are a unique breed of the Automaton faction, which rules the bot-controlled planets in the game. They appear in various guises, sometimes with guns, shields, or even shoulder-mounted rocket launchers.

An easy way to spot if your threat is a Devastator is to mark it with the R1 button. Doing this will reveal the name of the enemy above its head. Typically, Devastators are virtually guaranteed to be on Bot-controlled planets operating at Challenging Difficulty or higher.

Practical Strategies to Eliminate Devastators

You'll soon realize basic weaponry barely makes a dent against a Devastator's armor. So, strategy is required.

  • Explosives: While the heavy armor of Devastators protects them from basic weaponry, it's no match for explosives. Blowing up Devastators with a grenade is a practical approach.
  • Precision Shots: Concentrating your fire at the head or the glowing red sections helps to take down these armored beasts. These are its vulnerable points, and a few well-placed shots can quickly dismantle a Devastator.
  • Armor Penetrating Weapons: Helldivers 2 offers several armor-penetrating weapons that are very effective against Devastators. These weapons can penetrate the Devastator's tough body armor and cause significant damage.

Among the variants of Devastators, the Rocket Devastators deserve special attention. They can fire multiple rockets simultaneously, with each missile having the power to kill a player instantaneously. Therefore, your go-to strategy against them should be to target and destroy their launchers as quickly as possible.

Mastering these strategies against Devastators will elevate your Helldivers 2 gameplay experience and increase your chances of survival on this captivating battlefield.