Helldivers 2 Ultimate Weapons Guide: The Best Loadouts & Tactics

If you want to dominate your missions, our ultimate guide to Helldivers 2 weapons, covering everything from primary, secondary, and stratagem weapons, will give you the upper hand.

Helldivers 2: Weaponry Mastery Guide

In the brutal world of Helldivers 2, selecting your arsenal can make the difference between an epic victory and a catastrophic defeat. Finding what works for you involves evaluating your mission's needs, enemy types, and team composition. Our guide uses the best Helldivers 2 weapons and stratagems, including an easy-to-follow weapon tier list.

Weapon Spotlight: The Indomitable Railgun

The standout weapon in Helldivers 2 is undeniably the formidable Railgun. It packs an immense punch against both armored enemies and bosses. Though it won't instant-death a boss, it certainly puts a significant dent in their health pool. Its Unsafe Mode allows for an even higher damage yield, though, with the added risk of it possibly blowing you to smithereens.

Procuring the Railgun is challenging as it's an endgame stratagem that requires reaching level 20 or coming across it in-game. Bearing a short charge time, quick reload speed, and a large ammo reservoir, the Railgun is a worthy substitute for primary weapons.

All-Inclusive Helldivers 2 Weapon Tier List

Excel at planning for each mission by following our comprehensive weapon tier list. This list unveils the pros and cons of each weapon, stratagem, and grenade in Helldivers 2.

S-tier Weapons and Stratagems

  • Railgun: A catastrophically consequential single-shot, a charge-up rifle that can even be overcharged unsafely.
  • Breaker: A go-to shotgun, perfect for sweeping through enemy hordes at a reasonable range.
  • Stalwart: A versatile machine gun that annihilates smaller opponents.
  • Anti-Material Rifle: This destructive sniper rifle is ideal for armor-breaking and long-distance assaults.

A-tier Weapons and Stratagems

  • Liberator: Reliable starter rifle that adjusts to nearly any situation.
  • Machine Gun: A heavier and slower alternative to the Stalwart, it carries a bigger punch.
  • Spray and Pray Breaker: A sub-variant with a higher fire rate but lower damage per shot.
  • Dominator: A slow yet potent assault rifle, particularly effective against robotic enemies.

B-tier Weapons and Stratagems

  • Diligence: A dependable ranged rifle, ideal for precision damage on robotic enemies.
  • Recoilless Rifle: This weapon proves lethal when paired with an ally for rapid rocket feed.
  • Knight: A quick SMG with a high fire rate offers deadly effects at close range but drains ammunition quickly.

Tactical Selection: Adapting to the Battlefield

Remember, the best loadout in Helldivers 2 isn't an objective truth. What works against bugs may not be effective against robots. The same goes for different mission objectives and team compositions. Finding the sweet spot involves experimenting and adapting. Stay vigilant, Helldiver, for Democracy!

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