Armor Bug and Its Implications in Helldivers 2

The article delves into the persisting Armor Bug in Helldivers 2 resulting in all armor types defaulting to a rating of 100 and provides strategies to navigate gameplay amidst this issue.

  • 🐞 The game Helldivers 2 has an ongoing bug affecting players' armor rating. All types of armor, regardless of their original rating, default to a 100 armor rating. 😟
  • 🛡️ The game offers Light, Medium, and Heavy armor, each with unique attributes. The intended armor ratings are 75 for Light, 100 for Medium, and 144 for Heavy, but all are set to 100 due to the bug. 🔄
  • 🎮 This bug is causing significant changes in gameplay strategy. The Light armor, originally with a lower armor rating but better stamina attributes, becomes a powerful option due to the bug. Meanwhile, the Heavy Armor is no longer advantageous due to its reduced stamina and bugged armor rating. ❗
  • 🕹️ The bug is networked in the game files, so only the game developers at Arrowhead Studios can fix it. As of now, no fixes have been deployed yet.👨‍💻
  • 🗡️ Despite the issue, players are encouraged to adapt their strategies and stay prepared as they battle the adversities in the game. 💪

Understanding the Current State of Affairs in Helldivers 2

For those brave enough to tackle the onslaught of the Terminid horde or the callous Automatons in Helldivers 2, your armor is an aesthetic choice and a literal lifesaver. There are three different types: light, medium, and heavy. Each has unique attributes like armor rating, stamina regeneration, and more. However, an annoying bug has been causing all armor to annoyingly default to a 100 armor rating, much to the gamers' dismay.

The Continuous Armor Bug in Helldivers 2

Since the release of Helldivers 2, this pernicious bug has been a matter of contention among the gaming community. Despite attempting to use higher or lower Armor Rating armors, the bug resets everything to the 100 Armor Rating of the Medium armor. It's far from ideal circumstances for the players.

Type of Armor Armor Rating (intended) Armor Rating (due to bug)
Light Armor 75 100
Medium Armor 100 100
Heavy Armor 144 100

This issue arises from an error in the game files. Unfortunately, no player-orchestrated solutions are currently available. The fate of the armor rating is solely in the hands of Arrowhead Studios' developers, who are the only ones who can issue an update resolving this bug. Up until the time of writing this article, no fix has been deployed.

The Impact of The Armor Bug on Gameplay

Given this armor rating anomaly, the impact on gameplay strategy is especially significant. Despite the 'supposed' Armor Rating presented in the stats for each armor, the reality of this bug necessitates a change in the tactical approach.

  • The Light armor, with a coefficiency of stamina and stamina regen, becomes an unexpectedly powerful option. The inability of the lower armor rating to come into play instead places it on par with Medium armor's 100 ratings.
  • Heavy armor, on the other hand, should be sidestepped due to the bug. Its chief advantage, the high Armor rating, is made irrelevant. Consequently, players are burdened with only the downside of reduced stamina, giving them little reason to pick this armor.

Intelligence, adaptability, and a sound understanding can undoubtedly give one an edge in the chaotic world of Helldivers 2. Until the armor bug is fixed, this guide is a valuable tool for strategizing your gameplay. Stay alert, and remember, the best armor is being prepared!

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