Совершенно новая инди-игра позволяет доставлять почту в грибном мире

Mail time

We have set our sights this week on an indie platformer that allows the player to be a mailman in a mushroom world! This cozy platformer is named Mail Time, and it’s a cottage core lovers paradise. You are spawned in as a mail scout who delivers mail to all the inhabitants of a woodland paradise.

Pop on your mushroom hat and hoist the mail bag over your shoulder as you take your first step into Grumblewood Grove. The game allows you to paraglide as well! You could say that the platformer is a combination of both jumping and gliding with the player being required to hop onto giant springy mushrooms.

The forest ecosystem is a combination of woodlands, swamps and villages jumbled up together! You will need to be a bit of a detective as well, as you find hidden objects in the screen which gives you bonus scout badges. These scout badges can be used to upgrade your abilities allowing you to glide longer and jump higher.

The relaxing game doesn’t have a fixed pace, play the game the way you want it to be played and enjoy the ambient music! You can also customize your little mail man with a backpack, skin tone and hair to match your liking. The peaceful fairy-like world is the perfect game to relax after a long day of belting it out in the real world!